Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Please read this page before you come out to pick blueberries for the first time. Thanks!

1. What are the hours for U-pick?   Monday through Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

2. How much does U-pick cost?  We charge a seasonal price each year.  This year’s price is $1.75 per pound.

3. Can I pay with a credit or debit card?  No. We are happy to accept cash or your personal check only as payment.

4. Can I eat the berries while picking?  Of course!  That’s half the fun of U-pick and the best way to enjoy our product.  Nothing tastes better than a ripe berry you’ve picked yourself off the bush.

5. What is the best way to pick blueberries?  Look for the ripe ones – full and dark blue.  Grasp the berry gently and cup your hand under it.  Pluck one at a time.  Try not to disturb adjacent berries that are not quite ripe.  During a typical berry season, the plants will produce three crops of ripe berries.

6. Do I have to pick berries, or can I just buy fresh berries from the farm?  You don’t have to pick if you don’t want to. We sell flats of pre-picked fresh berries for $2.85 per pound with a 10 lb. minimum and we feature frequent specials.  Cash or personal check only, please.

7. How do I know if you have enough berries and if they’re ripe?  We post frequent updates on this website immediately before and every day during berry season. Be sure to subscribe to this site for free email updates about the blueberry picking season. Just go to the front page, look on the right hand column, and enter your email address in the proper field.

8.  When is berry season?  We hope to open in early July and close in mid August, but the season depends on the weather. This year [ 2013 ] we opened on July 5th.

9.  How do we find the farm?  Use any of the online map programs for directions, entering this address:  96707 Burton Prairie Lane 97423.  We’re in Fairview, Oregon, west of Coquille, the Coos County seat.  There is a map on the front page of this website as well.

10. Can we bring our dogs?  We would really prefer that you do NOT bring your dogs along. Thanks for understanding!

10.  Is parking a problem?  No, we have plenty of space on the grass near the barn, including some prime spots under the trees for shade.

11. Can I bring my dog?  No, please do not bring your dog. We have animals on the property, including dogs.


12 thoughts on “FAQs

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  2. July seems a bit late for the start of blueberry picking. Is the coast behind the start dates in the Willamette Valley?

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  4. Any chance that Saturday may be a possiblity to pick some? Headin down to Medford Monday for the week to help daughter move and dying to take them some.!!!!!!!!

    • 7.16.2012 – We’re open today so come on out and pick – we opened this morning. Our hours are 9 am to 5 pm daily, and this year’s season should last until around mid August.

      Hazen’s Riverside Blueberries

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