We Often Get the Nicest Letters!


“Dear Hazens,

I must say your emails are such a great joy. All the photos are beautiful. I love seeing the photos of the little ones with their little buckets. My greatest joy on your farm was when my daughter, son-in-law and I were finished picking berries and leaving the field and there was a tiny little guy with his bucket. He was so adorable but yet unsure what he was suppose to do. But I do know that special little bucket made him feel so important and a part of things. What a great touch providing the smaller buckets for the smaller clientele. Brings me back to the days when my three girls were tiny. I also love the photo of the lady in the hat looking through the plants. Whoever your camera person is has a great eye for a wonderful picture. The exchange student photos were so sweet. I bet they all had a wonderful time on your farm. All the photos are such a joy.
These emails and personal touches you put on them really gives your farm a community family feel. Keep up the great work. I feel there is no reason to ever think about another blueberry farm as yours is so personable and the people we met working all all so kind. Also, there’s the fact that your blueberries are bountiful and tasty and your farm beautiful. You should all be so very proud of your accomplishments. Thank you for providing such great berries and such a lovely setting with wonderful people.

Denise M.”

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