2022 Blueberry Season Ending

Our blueberry season is nearing the end. We will be open on Monday July 25th and possibly Tuesday July 26th. Please call before coming on Tuesday as we may be closed. We do still have berries, but the birds are taking them fast. Our u-pick price will be $1.50 per pound and all the fields will be open for picking. We will not have pre picked berries available.

2 thoughts on “2022 Blueberry Season Ending

  1. Hi,

    We just got your email notification of closing Monday or Tuesday. We’re somewhat panicked because our 2 families (from Medford) have been planning vacation time and reservations at Laverne Co. Park CG to come pick on Friday 7/29th. We are locked in to our timeline logistics.

    Is there ANY way we can set up to come pick whatever remains on the bushes? I spoke with Mr. Hazen by phone a couple of days ago and he thought there would be some berries, but just slow picking. We are hoping and praying this could work; please let us know. I’ll try again to get through by phone.

    Phone: 541-621-9495

    Jane Gorevin

    (for Gorevins and Sandovals)

    On Sun, Jul 24, 2022 at 9:32 AM Hazen’s Riverside Blueberries Coquil

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