Archive | July 2021

Final 3 Days of U-Pick

We are in our final 3 days of blueberry u-picking. We will be open Friday, Saturday and Monday, regular hours of 9-5. We will be closed Sunday. Our price for these final 3 days will be $1.50 per pound. All of our fields will be open for you to pick in. At this time we no longer have available pre-picked berries. If you haven’t yet picked your supply of blueberries, please come out and see us!

U-Pick Opening Monday July 5th

Our opening day for u-pick blueberries will be Monday July 5th. The blueberries will be $1.90 per pound for u-pick and $3.20 per pound for pre-picked of 10 pounds or more. We will have a limited supply of raspberries for sale for $32.00 per flat. Our normal hours of operation will be Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm. Rain may cause closure so call ahead on those days to determine if we’re open. We are still looking for pickers for us. If interested, call the farm. Just a reminder, we do not accept credit/debit cards.