2019 U-Pick Blueberry Season

Our u-pick blueberry season will start on July 5th!  Our hours will be 9-5, Monday through Saturday.  The price per pound will remain the same for u-pick as last year at $1.90/lb.  Pre-picked blueberries will be $3.20/lb for 10 pounds or more.   Many of you know that our web-site was hacked repeatedly through the winter.  We thank you for your patience with that, and it may not be over.  We do have a Facebook page set up for notifications in case we have problems with this website during the season.  We will update our phone message throughout the picking season.  We will be taking orders for marionberries at $26.00/flat and raspberries at $28.00/flat.  The quantities are limited so they will be filled on a first come first serve basis. We have added 600 baby blueberry plants, they are flagged so please be careful not to step on them, and we’ve added 400 new raspberry plants.  It’s been a busy year!  We are looking forward to seeing all of our regular customers and meeting new!  Wally and Wendy

Tell everyone you know about our amazing blueberries!

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